Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

Same Meeting, Different Way

Companies are always looking for new ways to hold their meetings. They need ways to keep everyone engaged, productive, focused, and to have a meeting that is ultimately successful. We believe S&P Business can provide a new setting and make it easy to help obtain all of your meeting goals.

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

15 Key Benefits

  • Easy Booking
  • Absolute Full Service
  • From 4 - 16 Bedroom Estates
  • Personal Guest Suites
  • Housekeeping
  • Inspiring Locations
  • One Location Convenience
  • Personal Host / Chef
  • Unique Meeting Spaces
  • Social Gatherings
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • All Transportation Needs
  • In-House Meals
  • Social Excursions
  • Cocktail & Cigar Hour

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way


Whether you and your party prefer to fly commercially or by private charter, we can take care of all the arrangements. We are well versed working with business associates and executive assistants to establish those details. We also take care of all ground transportation. 


S&P offers a higher level of service for Company Meetings. S&P Brings the experience of having their own personal Concierge / Chef on their trip. S&P is for those who value time and creates efficiency over money. 

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

Stay Differently

 S&P utilizes large luxury homes. These homes have an abundance of available space to create a unique location to do business. At the same time, the home provides several quiet spaces to get away, as well as your own personal bedroom suite. We are able to provide a high level of service without you ever needing to leave the estate.  

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

Getting the Job Done

  • Executive Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Quarterly Meetings 
  • Manager Meetings 
  • Yearly Meetings
  • Problem Solving Meetings 
  • Innovation Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • Meeting Retreats
  • Decision Making Meetings  
  • Team Building Meetings
  • Idea Sharing Meetings
  • Status Update Meetings

We can accommodate any goal with your meeting needs and agenda requirements. Sometimes it is good to get out of the office and in a fresh new environment to not only boost the energy level of the entire group, but also to provide an opportunity to restore. Let S&P take care of all your needs before, during, and after your meeting so you don't have to. 

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

Cooking Flavors

Going out for every meal gets old. We do things differently, more intimately. We like to cook without an ounce of pretentiousness. Your Chef will keep it fun and  approachable. We like to cook real food that is full of layers of flavor.


While working full-time as a private chef / Host for prominent families, TRUST and PRIVACY were an absolute standard. That standard was quickly adopted by S&P and is a strong focus every day. 

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way

Everyone Needs a Break

To keep fresh, we can build an itinerary around your meetings that will include social experiences, to continue the business conversations, or to take a break. Depending on the destination, these experiences could include:  

  • World Class Golf
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Lobster or Clam Bake
  • Helicopter Trip
  • Boat Trip

Along With Your Own Private Host / Chef, S&P brings a complete Concierge Service on your trip to handle everything so you don't have to 

Doing a Business Trip the S&P Way


  • Kiawah Island, SC
  • Telluride, CO
  • Maine 
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Aspen, CO
  • US Virgin Islands

Stay Local

Want to stay local? We'll come to you. Contact us and we'll find the appropriate luxury home in your area to fit your needs while still offering our exceptional service.

Our Client's Needs Are our top priority. The Words "Not Possible" Are Not Spoken. At The End Of The Day, It's Important That Our Clients Are Taken Care Of - Period! That Is S&P's Everyday Goal! 

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Once you take the plunge and travel in this fashion with S&P, you will want to change how you normally travel. We love what we do and love sharing all of our experiences with our clients and their Family, Friends, and Business Associates.

Our singular Goal is to take care of absolutely everything for your trip, prior and during, so you don't have to.