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You will probably find me in a gingham button down organizing something and/or putting flavors together. I absolutely love what I do and I'm thrilled to bring my unique services to my clientele base.  

I started in the restaurant business as a Chef many moons ago and literally accidentally stumbled into the private sector as my wife and I were starting our young family, and we haven't turned back since. Along the way, I changed my way of cooking from classical french cuisine with mountains of butter and free flowing cream to more of building flavors we can eat every day. With all my travels, I continued to add layers of flavors/knowledge that I enjoy sharing. I have always loved how powerful food is and how it can truly bring people together for some memorable times. And really, that's the basis S&P was built on.  


I spent the next several decades working for individuals/families in their homes and during their travel. That's where I realized it was so much more than just cooking. It was about providing more experiences in comfortable settings. That's where I fine-tuned my skills as a Host. Those skills of being very attentive with details, respecting confidentiality, gaining that trust, and providing that loyalty.   

I wanted to do something more though. I wanted to bundle these unique skills into an actual service that more clients could take advantage of, but keep the same level of high standards. Something that is not common in the marketplace. Since then, S&P has evolved into being more of a great resource throughout the calendar year for our clients. A resource that can provide an easy memorable trip, a local family event done in a very different way, a business meeting, and many other ways. Our clients come to us to fulfill their particular needs and we are happy to do so. Whatever it is, we'll take care of it! 

My team and I can't wait to share our niche service with you. I am confident we can/will create a lifetime of memories for you and your Family, Friends, or Business Associates. A service/resource that brings great value to your life. 

Leaving every destination just a little bit better than we found it

This endeavor is dear to our hearts. Because these local communities provide so much for S&P and our clients, we feel the need to give back to them. We have found great ways to do so that are customized for each of our destinations.  

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