Whether you choose to fly by a private chartered flight or a commercial flight, we'll greet you to gather your baggage and drive you to the plantation. 

S&P will take care of all your transportation needs. We do so much more than just opening the door for you. 


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You gather your family, Friends, and/or Business Associates to round out your vacation group - we'll plan accordingly as we move into the planning stage of the process.

The Augusta house comfortably sleeps between 8 - 12 guests. All of the accommodations are ensuites with either a king or queen bed with your own bathroom. 


"You haven't seen golf until you've seen The Masters at Augusta National"


The food is a big part of any travel experience. We like to dive into the local ingredients and buy organic using the best ingredients possible. As a Chef, the goal is to marry particular ingredients together and get the heck out of the way. We let those flavors shine by keeping it simple!

Each morning, we'll have a delightful breakfast ready for you as you're waking up for your day at Augusta National. For lunch, you'll come back to the house for a spread of offerings as you all discuss the morning pairings or spend the entire day on the course. After a long day at the golf course, your appetite will be hearty and a selection of local offerings will be presented.  

The evenings are always full of Food, Family/Friends, Stories, and Laughter. And, the best part, you do not need to do anything other than just enjoy each others company.

During this tournament in this small town, the town is full, the restaurants are full. It's nice not to worry about finding a place to eat.  

Menus will be written prior to your trip in order to consider any requests or restrictions of any guests. 

We certainly can accommodate any dietary restrictions that anyone in your party requires - it's not a problem!

“Cooking is a caring and nurturing act. It’s the ultimate gift for someone to cook for them. It creates all this beautiful stuff, conversation, appreciation. All the most important things in life you do around a dinner table.” 


During the golf tournament of a lifetime, you'll be able to take it all in while not needing to concern yourself with all the logistics and details. We'll take care of it all. 


We'll take care of your birds and get them to your front step. In doing so, we like to make things easy and fun for you. During one meal, your personal chef will prepare quail several different ways for you to try. You will have the opportunity to choose you favorite(s) and we'll go ahead and and marinate and then freeze your birds (with instructions) so you can enjoy the same preparation later in the year when you get home. Or, they also are great gifts.  

Experiences come in many forms. Most can be orchestrated and some spontaneously
happen when surrounded by the right people.

We believe in both!


To take the entire experience of the tournament in, you'll come in on Tuesday and depart on Monday after the final round. The Masters has taken careful detail of the timing of this tournament with the conditions to the course and the beauty of the landcape. 



2020Tuesday, April 7th Monday, April 13th7 Days / 6 Nights
2021Tuesday, April 6th Monday, April 12th7 Days / 6 Nights
2022Tuesday April 5thMonday, April 11th7 Days / 6 Nights

Dark Dates = Sold Out 

Cancellation Policy
- Cancel up to 100 days before your trip and get a full refund. Cancel within 100 days of the trip and the reservation is non-refundable. Unfortunately, our hands are tied on the Airlines side, due to their cancellation policy.  

S&P brings a complete Concierge Service to you on your trip along with your own Private Host / Chef. They handle everything so you don't have to. Travel like a billionaire lives everyday.  

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Once you take that plunge and travel in this fashion with S&P, you will want to change how you travel. We love what we do and love sharing all of our experiences with our clients and their Family, Friends, and Business Associates.

Our singular Goal is to take care of absolutely everything for your trip, prior and during. To make it a very rich in experience that will linger on as an incredible memory and introduce many stories to share.