Make that Local  Event an entire Experience 

What We Do

People frequent Concerts, Shows, Sporting Events, etc., all the time. However, we at S&P have a different vision of how those events can be enjoyed even further and more of an Experience. There's time before and after the event that can be enhanced even further, without any effort from you and your friends. 

In select cities, the day of the event, we rent a luxury home that will accompany your entire party. Your Host / Chef will take care of everything for you. We'll pick-up your entire party and return back to the luxury home and prepare a cocktail hour, appetizers, and meal to enjoy prior to your event.  

The next morning, you and your friends will wake to a full breakfast where you can continue the experience with your friends.  

  • Local Shows
  • Local Concerts
  • Local Sporting Events
  • Apps & a Meal Prior to Event
  • Cocktails & Wine 
  • Morning Breakfast 
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • 3 - 5 Bedroom Homes
  • Ground Transportation to and from Event 


S&P offers a higher level of service for your local event - bringing the experience of having your own personal Host / Chef.  S&P is for those who are looking for a different experience, a higher level of service to enhance their entire experience.


S&P is a niche service. we rely on word-of-mouth and we wouldn't have it any other way 


S&P+ is all about customizing your experience the way you want it. we'll Accommodate your needs


"S&P, you just made our evening extra special and extra easy. we can't wait for the next one."           ~ Jill S.


Local Event, Local Friends, Local Flavors, Local Experience - it doesn't get much better. 

Make that Local Event an Entire Experience

Local Luxury Home 

We'll rent a great luxury local home for you and your friends to stay for the evening. We have handpicked spaces in each of these cities that will accommodate you and your friends. These homes have unique spaces and kitchens to celebrate with your friends.  

"what an Incredible night and morning all the way around. we didn't do anything but just take it all in. we thank you."    ~Dan O.  

Make that Local Event an Entire Experience

Cooking Flavors

Doing the same thing for every event with your friends can get old. Our vision is a little bit different of an experience...a notch hire of an experience. Prior to your event, at the luxury home, we'll prepare appetizers for social fun and move into a sit down meal. The next morning, when you don't feel like doing much from the evening activities, you'll wake-up to a full breakfast to give you time to recap your fun night with your friends.      

At S&P, we believe in the details. We believe the details Are the difference between a great Event and an exceptional trip.

Make that Local Event an Entire Experience


When going to events, getting there is always a hassle. We look to enhance every aspect of the experience, which also includes the transportation side. We'll take you and your entire party to the event and drop you off curbside then pick you back up once the event is over.    

We'll handpick the right wines to go Beautifully with the Inspiring meal that is cooked.

Make that Local  Event an entire Experience 

Places and Events 

The following are events our clientele commonly attend while taking advantage of S&P service. However, we are not limited to these events, We look forward in speaking with you more about how we can take care of you and your party. 


  • Browns Football Games
  • Indians Baseball Games 
  • Cavaliers Basketball Games 
  • Symphony Orchestra 
  • Music Concerts  
  • Firestone Golf Tournament  
  • Theatre Shows  


  • Steelers Football Games
  • Penguin Hockey Games 
  • Pirates Baseball Games 
  • Music Concerts 
  • Symphony Orchestra 
  • Theatre Shows  


  • Ohio State Football Games
  • Ohio State Basketball Games
  • Blue Jacket Hockey Games 
  • Memorial Golf Tournament 
  • Symphony Orchestra 
  • Music Concerts  


  • Tiger Baseball Games
  • Lion's Football Games 
  • Pistons Basketball Games 
  • Symphony Orchestra 
  • Music Concerts  
  • Rocket Mortgage Golf 


  • Bengal Football Games
  • Reds Baseball Games 
  • Cyclones Hockey Games 
  • Symphony Orchestra 
  • Music Concerts  
  • Western & Southern Tennis  

Misc. Events  

  • Kentucky Derby 

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Once you take that plunge and travel in this fashion with S&P, you will want to change how you travel. We love what we do and love sharing all of our experiences with our clients and their Family, Friends, and Business Associates.

Our singular Goal is to take care of absolutely everything for your trip, prior and during. To make it a very rich experience that will linger on as an incredible memory and introduce many stories to share.