At S&P, we look to make an impact everywhere we travel in a positive fashion. We want to leave it a better place than when we first arrived. We do that with every trip we take, at every destination we go, we partner with a local charity that benefits that local area. Just like finding our local Experiences, over the years, we have found the local charity that will most benefit with making an impact in that area. We do so in many different ways, depending what destination the trip takes us.    
At S&P, our goal is to leave each destination a better place than when we first arrived. Just like finding local Experiences, we partner with a local charity, one that makes a big impact in that area.

One of our favorite ways of giving back is to provide a $3,000 S&P Scholarship each year to a high school student planning to continue his education at a University.  

Kids who live at the base of a great ski mountain deserve to grow up with an experience that can change their lives. It's surprising how many kids don't because of their own family's financial situation. S&P loves to not only furnish them with a ski pass, but also to equip them with everything they need to get to that mountain top properly.  

Maine’s lighthouses - these iconic beacons that line the coast and shine from islands - are as ubiquitous in Maine as lobster. There are 65 lighthouses in the state and at least 60 are still operating, casting their warning lights over the sea each night, with their foghorns sounding through the mist. Maine’s lighthouse history goes back centuries; the first lighthouse ever commissioned by George Washington in 1791 was the Portland Head Light and it still is a working beacon. We help support the organizations that take care of these historic Maine Lighthouses. 

We help support The Salvation Army which continues to aid victims of natural disasters throughout the recovery process. We collaborate with local, state, and federal governments to develop and execute a long-term disaster relief and recovery plan, including restoration and rebuilding initiatives, meeting basic needs, covering medical expenses, cutting funeral costs, and distributing in-kind donations to help victims rebuild their lives.