Host / Chef

During your trip, we'll be there for the entire duration. We are at your disposal. 

Your Host / Chef is well versed in handling your whole trip down to all the details in order for you and your guests to enjoy your time together.  

When you arrive, your Host / Chef will meet you at the airport and drive you to your destination.  You can plan on them arriving at your luxury home before you wake up as they fill the home with the scents of breakfast.  

Although they won't be staying with you, they will be accessible throughout your trip, at any hour.  While utilizing large luxury homes, we find that there's plenty of space for everyone to escape to unique spaces that are offered by these estates.  The Chef / Host will primarily be in the kitchen preparing for your next meal.  At the same time, we will organize a group text so your entire party has direct contact to fulfill any and all needs you may have. 

We look forward in planning your trip and servicing you during your trip.