When you can encompass the local ingredients and flavors, we feel you then can take in that destination and appreciate everything that it has to offer. We like to buy local. 

Our foundation of cooking is classical French trained. However, we like to cook without an ounce of pretentiousness. We like to keep it fun and very approachable. We like to cook real food that is full of layers of flavor. Those bites where you can't wait to take another.  

Breakfast: We like to offer many options so you can try many offerings. The baked goods, granolas, yogurts, juices, nuts, and sliced fruits will be beautifully presented on the table. We like to serve eggs and main dish items to order, as the guests surface from a sound night's sleep.

Lunch: Generally speaking, these are usually on the go. We'll stop by some local joints with great samplings to try. However, there are times we'll serve lunches at the vacation home and again, look to offer many options for all your guests to enjoy.  

Dinner: We have found that clients have enjoyed being served family style as it is more social and more fun. In doing so, it creates an atmosphere full of laughter and storytelling.

Snacks: We'll always have food laying around. Whether that is prepared snacks on the countertop or in the refrigerator, or snacks that are prepared for immediate requests, you won't go hungry. 

Prior to your trip, we will ask for any dietary restrictions and special requests.Then we will share a copy of the menu that we have created for your entire trip. It all starts with great, local ingredients.