About Us

S&P Travel is a niche company and that's the way we like it. We rely on word-of-mouth for our next trip and it is the highest degree of flattery for us for you to recommend us. Jaunt encompasses everything the owners love about traveling and how to travel. Jaunt started very innocently the Fall of 1997 when close friends of the owners asked for their suggestions of where to go in Napa Valley, knowing they had great experience. Then, that turned into a friend of a friend wanting more out of it and asked the owners to come along with them and provide more of an overall experience, tying into there 22+ years of experience, that covered every detail of the trip.

S&P keeps the number of trips to a select minimum to take advantage of the seasonality of the different destinations. We have hand-picked the absolute best time of year to go to each of these destinations not only for weather, but also to give the foundation to create memories and stories. 

In mid-September, we head to Napa Valley, CA. The scents of harvested grapes take over the entire valley. Experience the hustle and bustle of wineries looking to get their grapes off the vine when the sugar content is absolutely perfect for their future wines. It's a time when you feel a part of that years vintage and not just a tourist.

In late February, we take-off to Telluride, CO. The snow is plentiful and the coldest of the winter has passed. It's the ideal time to get cozy in a mountain side home while over looking the snow covered landscape.

We can't wait to share our experiences with you. We are confident your trip will create a lifetime of memories for you and your Family, Friends, or Business Associates.

Leaving every destination just a little bit better then when we found it

This push is dear to our heart.  These local communities give so much to Jaunt and our clients.  We feel the need to give back to these local communities.  We have found great ways to do so that our customized for each of the destinations we travel to.  

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