• Crush in Napa Valley

    September in Napa Valley during Crush (harvesting this years vintage of grapes) was yet another great trip. Napa never disappoints.

    The trip was with Robert & Jane from Connecticut and two of their closest friends. Two out of the three couples had previously been to Napa Valley. We were happy to share some additional layers of the valley that they didn't know even existed.

  • The Coast of Maine was Delicious on Every Level

    Exploring the coast of Maine with the Booker's couldn't have been any better. From sailing that 52' Beneteau among the fog and sea lions, to pulling up lobster traps with one of the few Lobster trapping women (Krista) in Maine, to enjoying the days catch with the big family Lobster Bake we put together for the Booker Family. What a weekend it was!
  • Kiawah Island in October

    Kiawah Island with a beautiful Ohio Family was such a pleasure.  

    It was October when the evenings were cool and the days were comprised of a sweatshirt and shorts. Just pure good family time, a simple week where they just enjoyed their time together.